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Mann Plant A6

First stage of a planned 3-stage map.

  1. Minor Changes around A and B

    -Added a ramp to reach the high ground near BLU spawn right flank

    -Opened up windows for BLU to drop down from windowed building in front of B
  2. Remodeled A, RED Spawn

    -RED Spawn has been pushed further back so that the spawn door is not right in front of B
    -The playable space around Point A has been shrunk
    -Cleaned up the transition area between A and B. There is now a small courtyard and a room for BLU to build a forward base
    -Point B is now more open
    -Added some health and ammo packs
    -Removed a setup door that could allow a demoman to shoot directly into the BLU spawn
  3. Added drop down to A

    -Added drop down to A
    -Cut sightline from truck to RED main spawn room door

    -Moved right-side flank to B further right and added a crate to block sightline to RED left spawn room door
  4. Massive 2nd Point Overhaul

    -BLU spawn now has rotating setup doors instead of "concentration camp" like fences

    -Added a few health and ammo packs

    -Transition area between A and B has been simplified and opened up slightly
    -Room overlooking the point has been remade to allow shooting down onto the point

    -Added underpass for flanking the point
    -Drastically reduced respawn times for RED when defending last
  5. Mann Plant Update A2

    -Overhauled BLU spawn completely. Players cannot shoot grenades directly into spawn from outside and BLU is no longer stuck inside the truck for the entire setup time

    -Respawn room visualizers have no entry signs

    -Opening in brick wall near point A is more open

    -BLU spawn exit on the right has been moved farther to the right

    -Raised area behind Point A (where the red arrow is) has been heightened to cut sightlines

    -Sewer route from BLU spawn has heightened water and no longer uses HL2...
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