mache_mc16 A3

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-Made spawns not part of "win zone" for wipe mechanic (ie, cant hide in spawn to prevent team wipe)
-Made spawn times increase even more rapidly
-Made control point take even longer to cap
-Made round timer even shorter
-Added one-way gates to computer room to reduce spawncamping and promote a better flow
-Changed ramps up to point to be not as cumbersome for players walking around them
-Spawn doors now force open on round win (only applies to humiliation round ofc)
-Some textures
-Some lighting adjustments
-More that I can't remember

Most likely once this gets tested in Sono's gameday I'm gonna redo the computer room completely to be a larger open playing field instead of a tiny room, but we'll see.
-Made spawn times increase more rapidly as round continues
-Reduced round timer
-Increased capture point timer from 15 to 20
-Added new side area connecting spawns and highground cliffs
-Lowered rocks on mid slightly
-Fixed bridges on mid sucking ass to walk on
-Made spawn doors open on round end so humiliation round isn't awkward
-Added signs in some places
-Lighting improvements
-i forgor