Mache A14

Rule of Threes Contest Entry


    -A ton of artpassing
    -Several health/ammo adjustments, among other adjustments
    -Added playable space and windows to radio tower room on A; this should potentially give players a better idea that this flank exists, as well as making the A area as a whole less cramped and granting BLU another means of outranging sentries and other defenses sitting in the third floor of the house.
    -Redid dropdown/one-way door into B; the one-way door has been moved to the more inward doorway...
  2. Allotted Voting Period Update 2/2

    -Reduced starting time from 6 min to 5 min (max is still 6 min)
    -Added (probably useless) ghost lights
    -Replaced patches under packs on snow with planks
    -Attended the Idolon School of Making Buildings Look Less Cringe
    -Fixed snow clipping through wall at A
    -Fixed baseball not rendering (Timmy done fucked up)
    -Adjusted geo throughout C to yeet crack sightlines
    -Removed barrel near tank at C so not all classes can climb up onto it
    -More stuff that's honestly probably not even worth...
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  3. Allotted Voting Period Update 1/2

    -Changed ugly snow texture to barnblitz snow texture
    -Redid a bunch of signs
    -Fixed RED spawning in temp forward spawn early
    -YEETed window room from C
    -Added doorway connecting C shutters to full health alley
    -Added little scaffold in aforementioned alleyway
    -Adjusted geo of dropdown building at C to make longrange spam of primary sentry spot easier + make route slightly more viable
    -Detailed A radio tower building a bit (barnblitz insp)
    -More that I don't remember lol
  4. Snow

    -Snow (experimental, will probably switch back)
    -Put crossbeams on multiple pieces of chicken wire cover to increase visual clarity
    -Adjusted health and ammo in a few different places
    -Added junk props on roof of broken window building near BLU spawn to make it more apparent you can't jump up there
    -Added barrel near BLU forward spawn so people can climb back up to it
    -Adjusted geo near RED forward spawn to make placing teleporters on ledge possible
    -RED now gets a temporary...
  5. Double Digity

    -Adjusted cap times again
    -Swapped window that opens on cap A
    -Added slight cover to main route to B
    -Adjusted geo behind train on B to make the area less boring
    -Yeeted small route into C underneath main sentry perch, replaced with cubby with medium ammo
    -Added new route on other side of middle building at C
    -More tiny detailing adjustments

    Finally gonna update the screenshots in the main thread as well
  6. CBT

    -Reverted change to flank window at A
    -Adjusted fences near BLU spawn to block weird sightline
    -Added nobuilded crates to third floor of building at A to make sentries more vulnerable
    -Fixed broken areaportal
    -Adjusted cover around B + added health to main route to B to make said route potentially less shit
    -Shut 2/3 windows looking at B and made last window open fully again to make the window more vulnerable to BLU
    -Made B cap time slightly longer
    -Made RED respawn time at C...
  7. fuck

    -Fixed broken doors
    -Fixed missing fence
  8. Put a Subway that can compete with the Taco Bell

    -Adjusted spawn times (mainly for RED)
    -Adjusted cap times for A and B
    -Changed windows that close on cap A into shutter door things to make them more prominent; adjusted cover nearby to make players flanking through building less visible to arriving defense players
    -Made spotlight thing in aforementioned room less bright
    -Added pair of medium packs under BLU lobby stairs at C
    -Added cover props around C
    -Detailed the room under A a bit
    -Removed Herobrine (sorry Lofi)
  9. asdf

    -Unfucked weird diagonal building near BLU spawn
    -Changed BLU spawn exit nearest aforementioned building to compensate for previous change (+added partition in spawn to further compensate)
    -Did a lighting thingy in underground flank at A to draw more attention to stairs
    -Adjusted geo near some spawn doors to allow teleporter placement
    -Adjusted RED spawn times on A
    -Added stairwell in former dropdown building at C to make defense easier + allow RED to bypass window sightline
  10. Detailing Begins

    -Added full health near ammo in underground room at A
    -Moved packs in stairwell building at A to just outside (BLU-favored)
    -Added/upgraded some other packs periodically
    -Adjusted spawn times for both teams
    -Adjusted geo/props in room connected to RED forward spawn to be slightly larger + add means of somewhat easily climbing back into the spawn
    -Started larger detailing on BLU spawn