Lunar a1

Attack RED's secret moon base through a series of dynamic elements!

  1. spadler097
    Lunar (WIP name) - Latest version: a1 (19 Se 2016)

    A moonbase-themed map with dynamic payload elements!

    Currently only area A and B are complete, while C and D are still WIP, let's test what we have first! Point A is a track-switcher while Point B involves payload teleportation.

    The concept on area A is from a sketch of mine long time ago about track switching. Here the shortcut will get enabled 150 seconds after round start. So here's a strategic point for BLU and RED: either to attack/defend the right building or let the timer expires.

    B is cart teleportation. Here I want to experiment on the sudden change in gameplay area.

    C will be track randomizer on two routes, determined randomly for each round.

    D will be the classic hightower-style finale to destroy RED's base.

    Any feedback and suggestions are welcome! :)

    Point B
    BLU spawn
    Area A
    Area B
    Map layout

Recent Reviews

  1. Star Bright
    Star Bright
    Version: a1
    Just had the chance to check this out. Really liking the dynamic elements on this one! Hope it's not dead, would love to see points C and D!