luckything a15b

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made a truck not float, otherwise it'll annoy me. textured a placeholder item too, as it's just going to stand out.
fixed the pool not being spawnroom
added a barrel in place of a sightline
Textured the map, no real detailing yet.

Other changes include:
  • added walkway over A point to allow easier rotation between exits as blu.
  • rearranged entrance in to A slightly to better stop awkward sightline angle to the flank
  • moved health and ammo at blu's B holding area
  • made B's highground room slightly larger
  • added a small window for basement route at D
  • changed defensive area a bit around D point - removed half of walkway
  • added dropdown tunnel near D flank
  • adjusted respawn times slightly
  • fixed rollback on D, now it will actually rollback on the ramp.
  • added a new health pack, lower left flank b->c, next to the ammo
  • moved b->c cliffside health
  • added some texture
  • added some more lighting for the D flanks
  • moved some barrels a bit to cut out a crack sightline
  • turned the glow off some outside light prop skins
  • fixed a crate texture
  • applied gravity to a previously floating sign
  • added a forward spawn for blu on last point
  • removed a 1hu lip (sorry flippy)
  • removed tiny hole above surf route door
  • added a door on very RHS of A-B flank that opens on A capture
  • very minor detailing
  • important clipping fix
  • also added a window for D bridge
  • swapped a ramp in B garage
  • repositioned spec cam
Major changes to D
  • a->b has some slight changes on the right flank
  • simplified B's flank room a bit.. forgot to make stairs more visible (will do so in next version)
  • b->c now goes downhill rather than uphill.
  • changed the right flank from b->c slightly and gave a bit of cover from snipers
  • d has had an overhaul
This was just some fixes- displacements at A/B, and respawn room coverage for C
Fixed clipping (thanks Hydrogenic)
  • fixed clipping on cliff top where you were able to stand on top of it
  • removed entrance to flank at red's spawn area. the inside area remains, still not sure how much I will get rid of, but it's fine there for now.
  • expanded the room from A->B a bit
  • removed one-way door
  • extended area in blu's holding place, but moved the access ramp to it
  • fixed a missing wall

changed some lighting and added a small health pack somewhere