luckything a11g

BYO water

  1. yrrzy

    Hud issue fixed, thanks @Yrr for finding the issue
  2. last fix for this update hopefully

    • fixed an un-walkable displacement
    • pretty sure I changed another ammo pack but I can't remember now
    • added window to the B flank upper entrance, to try and make it more visible, and to give some info on what's sitting up there.
    • also added some lighting since it was too dark
    • fixed the ramp going up having some jank vertices
    • added lights around the blu entrance to B. hopefully this entrance is visible enough now, and an advantageous area can be seen connected to it so...
  3. grounded

    fixed non-solid props, and floating hut/props
  4. smol

    • Inside of A, a piece of cover was removed for sentries to get some more visibility
    • Changed the door to B flank from blu to be larger, and simplified B flank route.
    • A window has been added next to this door in place of some small brushwork
    • Replaced crates with a (floating, I know...) security hut
    • Added an upper level to sniper deck area of B, accessible through the flank.
    • Skybox and blockbullet separators have been put between a lot of buildings to stop spam over...
  5. sounds

    forgot to include custom soundscapes in last update
  6. new door

    • added a door on A flank to stop too much bypassing of defences until point capture
    • very minor detail changes
  7. C me now

    Changes were largely made to C and routes into it

    • Changes to C, its holding area, and one of its flanks.
    • bridge now replaced with a staircase room that opens on cap, but moving ramp is kept.
    • experimenting with blocking a sightline on A ...
    • Added a wall for main entrance at D to see how pushes are affected
    • changed some ammo
    • fixed some clippings
    • added some bread
  8. clipping

    • A few clipping fixes
    • changed lights in red first spawn to not have sprites
    • changed crane model
    I dont remember what else
  9. clips

    • clipped the pallets on top of the crates
    • fixed sentries not being able to build in underhang near B ramp
    • smoothed displacement at B
    • fixed a teleport brush sticking out at red first spawn
    • removed erroneous trigger brush
    • changed some ammo pack sizes
  10. explosive

    • lots of clipping changes
    • B point has had some detailing and structural changes around the point
    • B flank no longer exits outside red spawn, but will exit near the point (still same number of exits)
    • added explosion and kill trigger at D
    • made smoke particle at D a darker green
    • changed the sawmill soundscape to a custom one so that waterfalls don't have thunderstorms
    • info_decal changed to overlays, and some brush sides reassigned
    • some displacement creations and...