Lovely a4

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  1. Alpha 3

    Alpha 3

    Most of the work on this version is from making the map smaller. Specifically:

    -Mid is 128 units less wide
    -Shrunk mid connector by 192 units
    -Lowered circle garden by 64 units
    -Moved octagon garden (and adjacent building) back 64 units
    -Shrunk yard adjacent to mid by 64 units
    -Shrunk other yard by 64 units also
    -Raised low route by 128-ish units
    -Shrunk small flank by a bit, added pergola

    Other changes:

    -Moved small flank health and ammo indoors, changed health to medium
    -Moved other medium health/ammo combo outdoors to octagon
    -Removed medium health from cliff route
    -Nobuilt tops of scaffolds
    -Expanded capture zone to include lower scaffold


    -Low route is probably still not that effective
    -Small flank (pergola route) is rather far away from the point
    -Will likely move low route over to line up with the scaffolds (and raise it accordingly - it will probably exit onto the small platform) so that the low route is more effective and the pergola route will be closer to the action.


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