Lovely a4

Still lovin'

  1. Alpha 2


    -Removed full health from mid
    -Shrunk small ammo pocket at mid
    -Added scaffolding platform/cover at mid
    -Removed medium health from platform near mid
    -Moved small rock between circle/octagon gardens to be more useful as cover
    -Made trellis on octagon garden complete
    -Gave cliff spawn exit a raised platform instead of an interior dropdown


    -Lower path still needs to be more effective. May add small health, raise ground, and/or move it closer inwards. Leaving this as a less effective route is ok as long as the other routes can support the bulk of the fighting, which they may need to.
    -Sightline across the circle garden is still pretty extreme. May add more cover inside.


    1. koth_lovely_a20001.jpg
    2. koth_lovely_a20004.jpg
    3. koth_lovely_a20003.jpg
    4. koth_lovely_a20002.jpg
    5. koth_lovely_a20005.jpg
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