LEGO Triboniophorus Tyrannus + Instructions! 2019-08-05

Build your very own head slug!

  1. Bonk Nickeltoon
    Ever wanted your own brainslug sucking onto your head? Well, sadly, they're most likely locked away somewhere where they can't harm anyone.

    Luckily for you, we've come up with a solution! Use LEGO Bricks! And why not stop there? Make instructions so that you're not just building out of the random!

    Build your very own LEGO Triboniophorus Tyrannus using the instructions within this zip file! You don't have to use lime green, you may use whatever color you want!
    (Please note: Some parts may not show up in every color, as they do not exist. Hopefully in the future those parts have a specific color!)



    1. Pyro_Brianslug_TF2.png