Legacy A4 upload

This is your inheritance

  1. Uploading the bsp

    Map test go better when you upload the map.
  2. A Switch-up

    Messing around and changing some things.


    - Changed the room behind the point completely, it should be a bit more fun to fight in now
    - Extended a bit of cover at the front of the point
    - Added some details to show playerclip barriers
    - Added some displacement alphas and textures for some extra detail
    - Brightened skybox lighting and increased its angle


    1. 20171027161542_1.jpg
  3. To the sea

    ANOTHER remake. This time Legacy is actually looking decent. I took the feedback of the water by the point being the only interesting thing about A2 and made Legacy a sea-side beach brawl.


    1. 20171022224547_1.jpg
  4. Restart

    A1 had a number of problems with it's design that would basically force me to cut out vast swaths of map to make it any good, so I figured why not just start form the beginning with a new map.

    Remade the entire map.