lclplant a6

First stage of Chemplant

  1. Redesigned Connectors and B

    • The stage now connects to stage 2/chemplant correctly and without seams (but chem is still visgrouped out)
    • Simplified B and added a high ground route for attackers and defenders to consider. It might be too powerful.
    • Simplification entails: fewer entrances/exits to B's ring, better lighting from sky light (it's open air now), fewer weird dev materials in odd places, and cleaned up brushwork.
    • A completely new connector is now present in the tunnels between A and B. The map...
  2. Big and Small

    • Finally remade Blue's spawn exit; red no longer has a sightline through the whole spawn from the side room. The side door is now much larger and splits off through a hallway. Hopefully this will make spam in general a little bit easier to manage.
    • A's ceiling route has some experimental sight-blocking pipes on the attacking side to make RED engies stop using it.
    • Gave Blue a route up to B's height, but added cover for red nearby.
    • Opened up B to sunlight...
  3. Routes n Things

    • Added/brightened lights everywhere and added windows to exterior walls
    • Added a place for blue to congregate close to B and a new route to it
    • Changed Blue spawn's side door to a regular setup door
    • Clipped off things all around and tightened up geometry
    • Metal is more prominent at B
    I didn't change the upper route at A besides brightening it; still haven't seen any instance of it being abused.
  4. Scale, etc

    • Built a bridge across the road on A for blue to cross
    • Scaled the outer ring around B out a bit
    • Added some cover at B for red to build behind
    • Shrank B's cap zone by about 25%
    • Added some cover between A and B
    • Made connectors from a little A->B longer
  5. Compacted the map

    In response to the testing:
    1. Red spawn is closer to B
    2. Blue spawn is closer to A
    3. A and B are slightly further apart.
    4. Misc improvements like clipping, sightlines, round/cap times.
  6. Fresh lighting, and routes

    • Rotated last relative to the rest of the map
    • Closed off two of the doors to last from the outer ring
    • Revised connections between spawn, last, and A
    • Added some lighting and signage
    • Reduced spawn wave times for both teams.