Lazarus_Event A10

Yar har fiddle dee-dee...

  1. Almost... almost...


    - Removed crate from behind the Chest
    - Fixed a displacement seam
    - Added visual effects to the Chest when it opens

    Down Under
    - Raised underworld entrance points so players float downward longer and get a better sense of the changed gravity
    - Increased speed of exit plume
    - Added a momentum buffer to the entrance points so players can't be flung off any platforms upon arrival
    - Added more "safety nets" in the underworld to make platforming easier and grant players a second...
  2. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Something


    - Revamped Spawn rooms
    -- An additional lower exit is now available
    -- Re-added some forgotten cover brushes from Lazarus
    - Fixed a displacement that could snag players
    - Fog/Skybox changes
    - Treasure Chest now opens when an event is active
    -- Chest has also been covered in func_nobuild to prevent buildings from holding the chest open
    - Added soundscapes

    Down Under
    - Fixed exit lift not automatically lifting players

    Skeleton Crew
    - Swapped in custom sounds for the skeletons


    1. 20210617212340_1.jpg
  3. No Bones About It


    - Removed High Tide event, and replaced it with Skeleton Crew
    -- Skeleton Crew will spawn in 8 individual skeletons that will not spawn babies when killed
    - Added additional text when each event is triggered that briefly explains what's happening to new players

    Drunken Sailor
    - Changed visual effects to FOV effects only
    -- Screenoverlays removed
    - Players now Jeer instead of Laugh when the event is active

    Flying Dutchmann
    - Renamed to Jolly Roger
    - Removed bugged super jump
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  4. The Arrow Update


    Down Under
    - Fixed the arrow sprite persisting into the next round if the Down Under event was rolled from round-winning Overtime capture
  5. Træsure


    - Replaced capture point with a central treasure chest that doubles as minor cover
    - Broke open the high route mid connector, there is no longer a direct route
    - Fixed a bug where the mid indicators wouldn't turn off after a defunct event was fired
    - Reduced health/ammo to small in the high route caves
    - Reduced frequency of pumpkin bombs
    - Reduced capture time from 4.5 seconds to 4

    Down Under
    - Fixed players teleporting into enemies and getting stuck

    Flying Dutchmann
    - Removed...
  6. Ah.


    - Fixed an accidentally-packed texture that would cause caching errors and cause some players to see a missing texture underwater
  7. It was Better in Theory...


    - Removed white flashes. Sorry.
    - Capture time increased to 4.5 seconds
    - Added temporary <dx90 support to custom screenoverlays
    - Increased brightness
  8. No Time to Think of Name Must Eat Hot Dog


    - Events reverted to on-capture
    - Capture time reduced to 3.5 seconds
    - Blocked off side whirlpool pits until they are opened by the Down Under event
    - Fixed grating not rendering in the high mid connector
    - Fixed a displacement that players could get stuck in
    - Added more pumpkin bomb spawns
    - Removed Black Spot event
    - Rain is now constant

    Flying Dutchman
    - Added mini-crits to the duration of the effect, along with appropriate visual effects
    - Changed jumping aspects to be 3x...
  9. Changing Tides

    - Removed the Whammy event
    - Increased effect time of Black Spot, Flying Dutchman, High Tide, and Down Under from 15 seconds to 20
    - Removed extension of the dock over the shark pit, see Down Under notes
    - Added halls between the high-mid paths under the central skull
    -- Pushed small health and ammo to the new lower hall
    - Storm Event now spins every 90 seconds after the previous event and is not tied to capturing the point
    - Added visual and audio indicators of incoming events at...
  10. Another One

    - Brightened outdoor lights
    - Made capture zone markings more clear

    Down Under
    - Added beam indicator and VGUI arrow when the whirlpool is active