Koth_Uphold B1

A linear map with many paths to make for interesting gameplay and strategy.

  1. Uphold Entering Beta!

    It's been awhile since I have worked on this map, but now I have had the time, patience and confidence available to me so that I can continue to work on this map.

    It is still night themed, but it has been massively brightened, as well as been lit up in more places. The map has also been majorly overhauled aesthetic wise. It now has a more Halloween theme to it then the previous A7 version (even though the Halloween event is now over :( ). Other slight gameplay changes have been made as...
  2. Alpha 7: Night Update

    Not much gameplay wise has changed, but the lighting has been changed to night, and many more lamps are around.

    Hope you guys like it. This is just an experiment for now, as if this map ever does get finished... it will most likely be around Halloween. :)