koth_sunnyville a2

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koth_sunnyville a2

Red and Blu fight over control of a lighthouse on the Coast.


Here in good 'ol Sunnyville, a small town near a dried up lake in the Badlands, Red and Blu fight over control of a lighthouse on the Coast.

The lighthouse in the center holds the control point providing a vertical fight with an underground area to allow flanking.

Soldiers and demos are fairly restricted height wise due to the open nature that a lighthouse requires, however the ceiling is high enough to allow cross map demo jumps and a small lip on the lighthouse provides a vantage point for rocket and demo spam.

The underground is a fairly simple mine system (a couple ramps leading up with an enclosed arena at the crossroads) that provides a simple CQC (close quarters combat) experience while also providing solace from the chaos outside.

I need ideas for what to place in-between the spawn points and the upward hill to further reduce the sniper sightlines. Maybe the tree does a well enough job?
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King of the Hill

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  1. koth_sunnyville - Now with a new light and cubemaps!

    Added a light inside CP, added cubemaps across the map, and fixed the broken small health and ammo in the underground.