koth_smallwell a7

an autumn themed king of the hill map

  1. small to medium sized well

    • I raised the height of the lower platform near the mid point
    • changed the spawn rooms to have 2 BIG doors (instead of 1 big and 1 small door)
    • changed the interior of some buildings a bit
    • widened out some spaces
    • also added better roofs to the buildings
  2. small-medium

    • added more height variation to the intermediate area
    • added some cover
    • removed some unnecessary railings
    • and other small changes 20181108194744_1.jpg 20181108194813_1.jpg 20181108194856_1.jpg 20181108194846_1.jpg
  3. medium

    slightly changed the map size so mid isn't too big
  4. BIG BOY

    • Increased over all size
    • changed the medium health closest to the point to a small health pack
    • and other stuff...
    20181102222135_1.jpg 20181102222029_1.jpg 20181102222145_1.jpg 20181102222221_1.jpg


    1. 20181102222100_1.jpg
  5. small

    • added clippings on the roof of the spawn rooms
    • raised spawn room buildings height to stop the doors from sticking through the ceiling
    • fixed spawn room doors for red and blu both getting triggered when one opened (i think)
    • added a little more height variation at the point
    • added a little more cover
  6. BIG

    I completely changed everything leading up the the center point and made improvements to the buildings around the point 20181026235845_1.jpg 20181026235845_1.jpg 20181026235858_1.jpg 20181026235906_1.jpg 20181026235912_1.jpg 20181026235916_1.jpg 20181026235951_1.jpg