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koth_rockwell b7

First tf2 map, expect a bad map.

  1. koth_rockwell_b7

    very small changes this time,

    -optimized it more for a smoother experience
    -made a bigger 3d skybox
    -made the doors in the middle from one way, to both ways.
  2. koth_rockwell_b6

    Some new changes to my map:

    -new name, firstmap sounds lame, so I changed it to "Rockwell"
    -added a simple 3d skybox, just to make the environment more
    -added another flank route to mid, this way attackers stand a better chance against defenders
    -added tons of more details
    -optmised the map a lot more
  3. update version b5

    small changes to the map:

    -added lots and lots of detail, displacements, textures, overlays and more.
    -optimized it a lot, the map should now run much better and smoother.
  4. koth_firstmap_b4

    Alright, some gameplay changes:

    -The houses next to the point, nobody liked them, nobody used them like I thought people would use them, and basically everybody abused them.
    They now only serve as decoration.
    -displacement is now more smooth. Say goodbye to getting stuck on hills! (I hope).
    -detail props now fade, this should improve the gameplay and fps.
    -moved the stairs that took people up to the balcony into a house, which removes an annoying sightline.
  5. koth_firstmap_b3

    Small gameply changes.

    -remade the entire dirt floor, displacements are now present!
    -added a little more detail, a few houses and props
    -raised the midcap's platform and lowered the balconies surrounding the mid, reducing annoying sightlines.
  6. koth_firstmap_b2

    Back again with a new update!

    -added tons of detail and textures.
    -replaced pickups so they are easier to find.
    -added more small buildings for more detail.
    -made the map overall bigger, so the map doesn't abruptly end when the gameplay space ends.
    -remade the 2d skybox.
  7. koth_firstmap_b1

    Finally moved it to beta.

    -replaced pickups because people could not find any.
    -textured and detailed some buildings. (mostly red's)
    -clipped some edges
  8. update version a4

    -gave the roofs team colors so it is more recognizable for both teams.
    -clippped some edges.
    -fixed overlays that indicated the teams on the wrong sides.
    -added soundscapes to make the map a little more alive.
    -added two more wooden ramps at the point to give some more height variation.
    -gave the two houses above the point some extra brush work.
  9. koth_firstmap_a3

    update version a3:

    -removed very big sidelines wich basically caused sniper to dominate the map.
    -added an extra flank route so the map has some more variety other then just being a box filled with houses.
    -changed some textures.
    -added some more pickups.
    -made prop jumps more pleasant to walk on.
  10. koth_firstmap_a2

    -Fixed some light and texture bugs.
    -Removed some sightlines for snipers who could snipe into the enemy spawn from the mid.
    -I put some more cover in the middle, and removed some cover on the point so attackers stand a better chance against defenders.
    -Marked and expanded the capture zone of the point.
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