koth_rain 2016-07-22

a city based koth map

  1. The_0ccurrence
    This is a pretty early version of a new koth map I am making. Updates will come soon when I can focus my time on this project.

    I hope to make this a somewhat dynamic map, but focus much more on fluid gameplay than visuals. im planning to set up several jump routs which deposite players on the poin at high height or speed. I intend for this to become a favorite soldier and demo map, but also cater to the needs of the less mobile classes.

    Playtesting happens on the {ViP}Lounge group server ( Join the group to get notifications for server parties when we have a chance to play together. I listen to all advice on the map so sugestions are welcome.

    Much more info on this map can be found on the workshop. I'd prefer if you went there for more frequent updates, because it'll be a hassle to update both sites at once.

    Good luck to everyone mapping for this event!

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