koth_quartz betav1.3

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A new release for this map with some fixes and new areas.

- Added third "choke" point above "Mid"
- Added to allow for the gamemode to switch from KOTH to CTF later in development

- Raised the height of the capture point

- Removed lower access route for RED team

- Added more lights to the map for increased visibility

- Changed 2D Skybox texture to sky_stormfront_01 from sky_trainyard_01 and changed light_env/env_sun entity to complement the skybox

Current Bugs:

- Capture point is not functioning

- Some light bugs including dark areas and light piercing through brush edges

-Some 3D Skybox brush and texture glitches
-Added 3D Skybox
-Added new textures

-Fixed issues with texture/model
-Fixed Resupply lockers not working for BLU team
-Fixed Player's ability to see through walls

***Known Bugs
-Capture point not available for capture for either team
-Few Textures w/ nodraw still capable of being seen by players on RED

Still in development. More updates on the way.
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