koth_planks A2

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I made a ton of changes for A2, I developed a lot different of areas of the map and fix a few bugs i had. so not going to list every little detail, but I'll focus on the more important stuff. btw uploaded some new screenshots!

- added spectator cameras
- fixed broken red resupply locker
- fixed train warning bell don't working (no more surprise trains!)
- made capture zone large and reduce time it takes to capture.
- less cover on the capture point.
- slightly shorten capture point and train bridges.
- slightly lower train bridge
- the train on train bridge alternates from spawning left and right.
- now only 1 pair of small health and ammo packs on the train bridge (in the center).
- faster routes to get on the capture point bridge from underneath it.
- basement with shutter door now connects with the building with the roof.
- added small health and ammo pack on left route.
- added more planks.
- worked abit on aesthetics.

I really like how the map is coming along, in this new version I'm hoping with shorten cap times, a larger cap zone, and less cover on point.. that will make pushing into the point easier and make it abit harder to defend.

I might decide to remove some flanks (the far right flank and/or the flank under the point), there might be too many flank options right now to be honest. it could be too easy for enemies to sneak up from behind, and cause too many chaotic situations.

From the playtesting, alot of players agreed the bridge over the capture point makes it really easy for sollys and demos to jump up and dive bomb/spam the point.. It does. I like the concept of that bridge and its an interesting dynamic to have the accessibility for all class to get on a high ground bridge. though, can be too overpowering with sollys and demos.

I might ultimately remove the train bridge or I've been thinking possible replacing it with a draw bridge, that would come down when ever the point is captured for a little while, before going back up.. with a trains going by of course. I was trying to make a draw bridge early, it was crazy buggy. I'm going to keep the normal bridge for now, i am curious to how it will playtest with the other changes I've made to the map.