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koth_lumbermill v2a2

Koth Lumbermill! Red and Blu have lumbermills head to head!

  1. nesman
    A simple KOTH map that will have more features added very soon. I just simply uploaded the base look to get some feedback.

    This is my first map and I will be adding lots more details to come in future updates!

    Thanks for playing.


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Recent Updates

  1. Detailing
  2. Building revisions
  3. Red Side + Pickups

Recent Reviews

  1. DiaBombe
    Version: v2a2
  2. DiaBombe
    Version: v1a1
    This is a good base for a map but there're to many pickups(ammo, health)
    1. nesman
      Author's Response
      Thank for the feedback. Map updated!