koth_headquarter koth_headquarter_a7

a underground base with a command room in the center, over a dark pit

  1. koth_headquarter_a7

    -reduced handrail height
    -two rooms become one
    -bigger door in mid
  2. koth_headquarter

    I feel that the map is near to what i want, but I still need players to test it

    - deleted flanks in second floor
    - added rooms under the point, so if you want to health you have to left the point and lose height advantage
    - added hallway under the balcony, anyway, no one died there
    - added ramp for demoknight, so they can fly over the point
    - added box/bridge, so players stop dying every time they try go there
    - some doors,brigdes and rooms have been incresed in size
  3. koth_headquarter_a5_p

    new changes in the map
  4. koth_headquarter_a2

    - deleted doors in the right corridor
    - more space for the sniper desk. also more expose
    - added one way door in the right side
    - deleted plataforms in the balcony
    - added lights in the point that change depending in which team controls it