koth_greenroof A4

A roof top garden. "Green thumb? More like Green gun"

  1. Stix
    'Ello mates

    I did make a map a while ago but it sucked because it was a snipe-fest. so I made a new map. smaller with 3 levels. the main level (mid / mini-beach) the tunnels (low / Shroom room) and the roof (roof / vents). mid for most classes. low for close quarters and the roof for snipers and mobile classes

    After the events of A1 and A2, the map was (to much love) lengthened. But. there is a problem.


    Ether I made a flawless map (pffffff not) or people just aren't interested in this maps development. I will continue on regardless of how the public eye views it, But if you want to see a bug getting fixed or just a new idea to see what its like. you MUST leave a comment, because I'm open to suggestions (other then further length of the main building... god no...)

    if anyone knows how to make models I would like them to get in touch because I want some custom models for health kits and mushrooms n stuff.