koth_deserted Beta 3 reupload

King of the hill map, almost ready to release

  1. Reuploaded same .bsp after site bug

  2. Release-ready update!

    It's been a long time since i posted any updates. I'm sorry for that. But, anyway, here it is, new update, and here is list of changes:
    -added additional spawn exit, to prevent spawncamping
    -added a small detailing in red buffer building
    -changed ramps to stairs in buffer...
  3. Massive detail update!

    Just a massive detail work all around the map. 2016-01-31_00001.jpg 2016-01-31_00002.jpg 2016-01-31_00004.jpg 2016-01-31_00005.jpg 2016-01-31_00006.jpg 2016-01-31_00007.jpg 2016-01-31_00008.jpg 2016-01-31_00009.jpg 2016-01-31_00010.jpg
  4. Gameplay and detail update!

    2016-01-09_00001.jpg 2016-01-09_00002.jpg 2016-01-09_00003.jpg 2016-01-09_00004.jpg 2016-01-09_00005.jpg 2016-01-09_00007.jpg 2016-01-09_00008.jpg 2016-01-09_00009.jpg 2016-01-09_00010.jpg 2016-01-09_00011.jpg
    A3 changelog:
    -Added a bit more light in buffer buildings.
    -Reblanced ammopacks in buffer buildings.
    -Added some details around middle.
    -Added better 3D skybox....