koth_crater 2016-03-07

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koth_crater 2016-03-07

space map work in progress

This map is still in VERY early development. I made it over the course of about 3 continuous days in terms of availability and a day in total hours of work However, I came up short in terms of ideas and balancing. I plan on uploading it to the steam workshop after receiving permissions from the skybox creator(s) or creating my own, and maybe updating the textures after receiving permissions from another creator I found. There is still a few other planned buildings and a new spawn room, it is still pretty small. Anyone who wants to run this on their server and give gameplay feedback would be greatly appreciated. I really need some advice on what could potentially make this map much more fun to play, because right now it's not all that great.

All textures were in Hammer upon opening, some might've been downloaded from the game's community servers, but I've no idea how to tell.
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  1. UPDATE 1

    Added an asteroid type rock around point to limit sniper sightlines to temp spawn and explosive divebombing Added roof to temp spawn Aligned textures on some walls Added Asteroids to skybox