72hr koth_cliffnotes a0_unfin

Unfinished koth map with cap in a dangerous location.

  1. Hotel Detective
    I understand if this is considered low effort, I am simply uploading it for archival purposes really and will accept not receiving the participation medal. This map is literally unplayable.

    "Entree" for the Winter 2017 72hr Jam.
    However I was away for half the jam, and have no free time for the rest of it, this entree was made in 7.2 hours instead.

    It only consists of the middle area of the koth map, otherwise playable.

    This "map" was made under 7.2 hours without any planning, and two hammer crashes.


    VMF: https://nixshadow.com/files/games/tf2/maps/koth_cliffnotes_a0a_unfin.vmf