koth_avalanche RC13

- Moved the bottom entrance doorway of the hallway room that leads to CP back and removed bench model. Also moved the med health pack to the wall that's closer to the point.

- Flanks now exit onto raised platform.

- Removed explosive jumping blockers from back of shacks.

- Expanded walkways on either side of the point to give some more options for attacking from a high ground.

- Improved clipping.

Album of changes: https://imgur.com/a/trm4ukS
- Scaled up snow texture on top of non-accessible roofs and increased light map scale on some to keep repetitive bump mapping shadows from making things look worse.
- Added some barbed wire across the roof down from the capture point.


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-Changed the small shutter in spawn room to a large windowed shutter (This change made the area outside the spawn slightly larger).
-Extended the height in the room outside spawn all the way to one of the exits.
-Expanded the doorway size that leads outside of the spawn yard and to the flank.
-Moved a piece of ceiling higher in the spawn yard that was above an exit.
-Fixed issue with spawn shutters on Blu side.
-Extended junction outside of spawn yard that leads outside and kept height level from spawn to the exit.
-Extended the outdoor area outside of the spawn yard to make the map longer.
-Added a shutter that leads to flank and spawn yard from outside area.
-Removed blocker that prevented rocket jumping into and out of the capture area from the outdoor area outside of spawn.
-Extended height of building to one side of the upper walkway that leads to the point from the lobby to make rocket jumping into the point area managable.
-Increased the height of the ceilings in the lobby and added a medium ammo and small health kit.
-Removed some obstructions that prevented explosive jumping through flank area.
-The flanks now proceed much closer to the point with a new exit.
-Decreased original doorway exit size from flank to point.
-Increased the height on the battlements beside point to help prevent spam from point to chokes from wall in front of point.
-Added medium ammo kit on point.
-Decreased capture time to match capture time of koth_product_rc8.
-Changed the rock model near the point into a platform.
-Overall clipping and bulletblock improvements.
- Stripped reflective element from snow textures so the map will not have a shiny checkerboard pattern everywhere for those playing with a high FPS config.
- Removed the very short walls and woodpile models that were beside the CP.
koth_avalanche_rc9 changelog:

- Removed the farthest side route from yard so the choices for direction are more obvious.

- Removed the arched ceiling from the room with the small health pack near lobby and expanded a door frame in that room to make it so you could double jump as scout without hitting your head.

- Removed all corrugated metal from transitional walkway leading to mid from lobby.

- Raised the height slightly of two sniper fences on wooden platform at mid to help cover what the corrugated metal was covering.

- Added side passages at the back of the broken building on mid and added stairs going up above them to give a bit more things to play around.

- Removed narrow broken wall at the front of mid as it could be used to make taking rockets extremely difficult. I smoothed out the front of mid's building as well to make getting on easier and bombing onto easier.

Thanks to b4nny for reviewing the map on his stream.


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Rough changelog for rc8 (it's been over a year since from when I last touched this map to now):

- Remade spawn rooms.
- Updated the yard outside of spawn.
- Added new rooms just outside of yard to get to the lobby.
- Reworked the team buildings that overlook mid.
- Reworked mid (no more tunnel underground or underground lab area).
- Due to the above changes, the locations of health and ammo have almost all been updated.

Image album: https://imgur.com/a/KvdlNQR


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-Removed the roof over the mid point and added beams to make it more open and less camped.
-Removed the clipping from the tall houses on either side of the mid point that prevented access. Also removed the slope on one side of the roof for both.

Now an official 4s map in the TFCL: https://tfcleague.com/


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Nov 20th changes:

-Added a medium ammo pickup to the upper balcony area near the cafe table.

-Changed a small ammo pickup into medium in the hazard basement area.

-Fixed issue with getting stuck on the ramp going up to the cafe area from the fountain area.

-Fixed a lighting issue on a displacement near the tunnel entrance.

-Changed a dirt track overlay near the point to be less stretched looking.

-Updated tank models to the latest available from the Frontline! asset pack.
-A few gameplay changes have been made after testing such as more cover available in the tunnel under the point and change/movement of health/ammo once more

-3d skybox expansion



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New release: Oct 9th, 2016

-Map title and file name changed to koth_avalanche from koth_avalanchev3

-Moved the team spawns forward

-Increased health and ammo pickups and moved some health pickup locations

-Added a second route to sniper balcony/cafe

-Added stairs to help navigation and flow to roof near the point

-Added stairs to help navigation and flow in the underground area near the point

Some screenshots that show some updated areas



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