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72hr Jam 2022 koth_aquatunnel A4.5

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72hr Jam 2022 koth_aquatunnel A4.5

Map in the making

It's a simple map with room for improvements.
Please suggest them
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Reupload because of metadata loss

    R I P
  2. More Layout and Passageway Changes

    Made the map more small with more tweak to pathways.
  3. Layout and Optimize changes

    The layout changed a bit with more condensed areas and a way to flank around mid.

Latest reviews

We could always use more L-shaped KOTH maps - as far as I know, of all the Jam entries we've had, this is the only one. I think the layout could use some work - making the spawnyards bigger, and the building housing the point is pretty small - but overall, good effort!