KOTH Luxor a3

Egyptian KOTH based off of rotational symmetry.

  1. Xi.Cynx
    KOTH Luxor

    This map brings back memories. It was one of the first serious maps I started to make. I really loved KOTH game play, so I figured I would try something using the very dreaded Egyptian theme. Many people didn't use this theme due to it's lack of red and blu themes. I made a few custom textures to give viability to both sides but have yet to actually pack them into the .bsp file.

    The map is very optimized from what I can tell looking at the visleafs and the FPS while I'm on it. The spawns are a bit small and do only offer one exit, so if that has to be changed, I will do so, but it hasn't been a problem yet.

    The map is a little larger than your standard KOTH, but I figured that would better support less crowded game play and give people a bit more freedom of movement and not feel so cramped. Any insight is appreciated, good or bad, I take nothing personally.


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