Kinder (Payload)

Kinder (Payload) b17

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Updated back to raw bsp
Sorry, forgot to pack everything
-Final compiled
-Clip fixes
-Reduced some unnecessary/distracting details
-New box prop
-Clip fixes
-Updated the last flank to be cliffside instead of wooden planks
-Fixed clipping in certain spots
-Very minor detail touchups
-Easter eggs
beta 14:

-Updated some details
-Fixed clipping issues
-New flank for blu on last point

any lighting problems will be resolved when the map is finalized
-Sightline fixes plus other minor touchups
General fixes and custom content added
-Added stairs to reach second point via alternate means
-Improved clipping
-Brightened some areas that were too dark
-Custom doorhandle model
-Removed giant Peter Griffin face from skybox