Kalinka rc5

Kalinka, because its in soviet Russia.

  1. a7


    -redesigned mid point (twice) into a broken building.
    -highground now accessable from both left and right
    -stairs leading from the lowground under the point to the point
    -polished lobby and connectors to 2nd point
    -extended the lobby building towards 2nd on the flank route side
    -added small ammo pickups behind the tanks on mid

    -reworked right side shutter enterance to 2nd and removed the little building in front of the shutter
    -left side enterance to last connected to lobby to make escaping 2nd into lobby easier
    -moved first forward spawn a bit forward in front of the 2nd point
    -sightline blocking across the point
    -opened up the area behind the point more
    -highground for the defending team on the left flank route

    -redesigned last point a lot
    -removed highground from directly behind the point and added some cover instead
    - reworked and polished the rightside chocke/holding area
    -added a pilar to the left side to break the gameplay space a bit

    -more frontline
    -some detailing
    -stuff that I forgot to mention
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