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Jolt V12 Fixed

A different sort of KOTH map.

  1. Nabernizer
    A small KOTH map designed for 6v6, where forward holds are discouraged due to the separation of the back areas, and the multiple entrances into mid. Shallow water in lower mid will allow for escapes from fights taking place above, as well as provide a boost for jumping. Rollouts are extremely important, as a fast team can easily take advantageous positions before the other team steps into mid if they are too slow. When defending, knowing where the enemy is at all times is vastly more important than in other KOTH maps, as a sneaky team could completely flank a defending team that isn't paying attention. However, holding all the entrances can spread the team thin if done wrong.

    Hopefully, the layout will allow for more strategy then in the DM centered games of conventional KOTH maps.

    Changes from V11 to V12:
    -Textures! The art pass has begun!
    -Fixed an annoying ramp going into lobby that could could easily catch players.
    -Changed the positioning of some props so deny snipers from jumping up onto the glass box.
    -Added a sign to somewhat block a huge sightline from the ramps.
    -Added some lamps to allow Scouts to jump up onto the dingleberry.
    -Added some turbines to the flank room.

    Thanks to FazerGS for the art pass help.


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