Isosceles A4 Re-upload

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Re-uploaded due to the site borkin' up.
-Redid B to make it more interesting, whilst keeping the idea of the cart going on a bridge
-Added more geometry to C in hopes to make it more chokey, so that RED can actually have a chance to defend it.
-Made RED's spawn at D a little lower, in hopes to make it easier for BLU to push through and cap D
-Made two of BLU's routes to D have more height advantage in the point so it is easier for BLU to push through

(see screenshots in overview page)
The goal with this update is to make holding A last a little longer, and make attacking B a little easier.

-Redid BLU's first spawn
-Removed many unnecessary barriers around A that make it very cramped
-Adjusted the rock that is right outside of the left door at BLU's first spawn
-Adjusted respawn times
-When 1st point is capped, RED's spawn time is longer, BLU's is shorter​
-Adjusted many health and ammo pack placements
-Removed a flank from a sentry spot at A
-Added roll back zones around the spiral at C
-Fixed explosion damage going through the setup gates
-Made a floating track not float

(see overview tab for screenshots)
-Completely overhauled C
-Changed setup gates to grate gates so you can see through them
-Added a window to BLU's first spawn
-Added more signs
-Fixed logic
-Changed BLU's 3rd spawn
-Removed gates that separated C around RED's 1st spawn
-Changed the flank around B so its not just a straight hallway
-Moved D so it fit better with the connectors from C to D
-This automatically removed some sightlines going from D to C, that were blocked with noisy brushwork in D​
-Removed some noisy brushwork in D now that it is not needed
-Tried my best to turn "straight, boring hallways" into interesting areas/rooms, though there is probably going to be future changes to make them even less like hallways
-Added a soundscape to give some soothing ambience
-Added a kill trigger for when the bom cart explodes
-Added a spectator camera so you dont look under the map when you first load it up
-Added competitive matchmaking
-Probably broke something

(see sceenshots in the overview tab)