Ironside a18

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- Changes to side building at Cap A Courtyard
- Changes to interior layout for Cap B
- Changes to Spawn Locations
- Honestly, been so long and slow progress I cannot remember the fixes and fine tunings...

Please enjoy,

NOTE: Is it too much to ask if players can just play the map and hold off feedback till the end of the round in map testings, thank you.
Changes to a17:

- Alterations to Cap A area, flat cart replacing full carriage
- Added height variance to Cap A Overlook
- Redesigned the C to A/B shortcut
- Added door to Blu Forward Spawn (close to B now)
- Red forward spawn pushed closer to Cap B (when Cap B is for capture)

2015-12-09_00001.jpg 2015-12-09_00002.jpg 2015-12-09_00003.jpg 2015-12-09_00004.jpg 2015-12-09_00005.jpg