Integrity a2

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Integrity a2

Made by skacky

01/08/11 - Map has been updated to Alpha 2, see changelog.

Hey everyone.

cp_integrity is a standard 5CP map. BLU and RED both own a superprocessor concealed deep within their bases, used to increase the speed and the efficiency of their servers, still trying to undermine eachother more than ever. Since they know both of them have the same device, they're not too really happy about it and decide to fight once again.

The superprocessors are powered by a nearby dam and an antenna. Both aren't made yet as they will be in the 3D Skybox later on.

So, I hope the layout doesn't suck balls too much. At this point, only the spawn areas, the last and the surrounding corridors are detailled, the rest is still heavy work in progress. Please note that there are still some overlay bugs, some misaligned textures here and there and two rooms aren't as bright as they should be.

I must add I really loved Acegikmo's TV screen in his artpass iteration and couldn't resist making one myself, so if it seems similar you shouldn't be surprised.

Here's the overview by the way.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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