induction b2

small power plant set in a hydro-theme

  1. b2

    opened up another way into last. might make sniper op idk

    some other optimization/texture changes
  2. b1


    -"all" dev textures have been removed and replaced with actual textures. might have missed some but I will find out later.
    -reworked all cliff/rockwork to look nice and they are all displacements now
    -reworked red spawn's interior
    -pretty detailed for b1 but i guess thats alright for 1.5 months of idle.
    -narrowed down the cliff-flank to first
  3. a9a

    very very VERY fast qol improvement i noticed a little too late

    - clipped window on last
    - fixed some garbage textures
    - changed captime on last from 6 to 7
    - replaced one mid pack to small pack (health)
  4. a9

    lots of shit

    -removed one way window on second
    -clipping, lots of clipping
    -moved some fences and replaced them with small ones on last
    -the U shaped building on last now has another entrance connected to the metal catwalk
    -removed the catwalk shutter on last
    -nice bumpy grounds in some places
    -rotated building on first and made it accessible on the side
    -fixed spawnpoints in blu spawn
    -fixed invisible visualizer
    -patches under pickups (stop crying)
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  5. a8b

    maybe worthy of its own update but whatever i like the number 8

    -indicated the decorative door even more on request
    -fixed basically every clipping bug you could ever think of
    -nice detail to the factory building connecting first to second
    -fixed one of the blu spawndoors clipping out of the roof. still finding a fix for the other spawndoors so will be a bit off
    -used vide over compiletrash this time so the FOAD sign should F I N A L L Y be there. yeah and the fence works now, nice
  6. a8a

    minor tweaks before test

    made the ramp up to last bigger
    shrunk the cap trigger for last
    moved health around in the staircase building before first
    the old FOAD sign is also back and properly packed this time

    ebic gamers
  7. a8

    -changed respawn times for red after first gets capped
    -second point has shifted towards the other elevation making it harder to defend
    -all doorways are now properly clipped
    -minor lighting tweaks
    -added detail in obscure areas

    ebic stuff
  8. a6

    -added sun
    -redesigned most of second point
    -added fences to the cliff at first
    -placed some props messing with sentry spots
    -indicated capture zones

    -reduced both cap times by several seconds
    -you now get 5 minutes to cap first and 7 to cap last instead of 5 all around
  9. a5

    woah! 2 updates in A WEEK?
    it's possible!!

    -added a new (flank) route to last to make spy a little more viable and to be a nice open way to push last.
    -i lied, its still not multistage. i wanted to push this update out before the 72hr jam :/
    -the fancy lights previously spotted only in the factory building-thing have now been scattered all around the map creating a more chilled down environment rather than the bloomy mess that it was.
    -removed a one-way door on last
    -added an overlay to a...
  10. a4

    fixed many visual bugs

    some more details bla bla bla

    preparing for 72hr jam where the second stage of the map will go available under the name cp_introduction

    second stage will be same theme gravel-pit styled a/d

    until then this is all i got to offer