Hydrothunder Final

Author: PlipPlop

  1. PlipPlop

    This is an arena map I originally planned to make privately with a few personal friends of mine that LAN every once in a while. I've been wanting to release something for a long time but couldn't quite figure anything out; so I've been at it since November of last year working to get the basics down in mapping: displacements, lighting, scaling, fixing sightlines -- whatever, all of this I slowly learned with a few friends who helped out.

    So, hopefully this can be something to get my foot in the door a bit on mapping, and hopefully people'll like it. Unfortunately, I realize some may not like the idea that it's being released as b1, but I'm willing to fix any problems that arise. I just want to get something out there. :/


    1. arena_hydrothunder_b10001.jpg
    2. arena_hydrothunder_b40002.jpg
    3. arena_hydrothunder_final0001.jpg
    4. arena_hydrothunder_final0002.jpg
    5. arena_hydrothunder0005.jpg
    6. ultimaU2%20-%20extras%20-%20cover1.jpg