Hot Garbage a9

as the title suggests

  1. last last minute fixes

    -removed some planks at mid that let snipers peek stupidly
    -raised ceiling and doors on the point
    -tweaked grinder
  2. last minute mid fix

    -made fences opaque
    -widened capzone to encompass entire platform
    -moved low flank route sideways and made the high ground bigger
    -moved pickups slightly further apart in lobby
    -changed colour of lamps on blue side
    -sealed old thin spawn exit off entirely
  3. sad day

    -opened mid tower
    -covered up the piss grinder, apparently some gamers werent having fun being dunked into a piss deathpit out of spawn
    -closed thin exit for now
    -removed a shitty indent area
    -fixed perch spot
    -improved lighting across the map (hopefully)
  4. mid updates

    -fixed missing clipping brush
    -moved windows at mid down to ground level and added doors that open when you are on part of the capzone, to make seeing defending enemies easier
    -added side building with window at mid
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  5. piss tower

    -fixed respawnrooms
    -moved a window in lobby to give visibility to a different area
    -entirely new mid, lets see if it sucks or not
  6. spawn fix

    -stopped red spawning in blu spawn

    surprising to some, it was not an intended feature
  7. tweaks

    -Added another route to the high ground in lobby
    -Removed the jarate effect from the river at mid and lowered the level
    -Moved some things around at mid
    -Added a dropdown flank
  8. more pee

    -added some additional audio and particle effects because i wanted to
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  9. its pee now

    -replaced all lava with piss (thanks toopliss)
    -added platform in yard connecting high spawn exit to upper route
    -added jarate pickup to point
    -custom pee particles
  10. post-jam fix

    -Unhid missing ignition trigger at mid
    -Made a roof nonsolid that I missed before
    -Nobuilt lava