Highstakes a3

Not badlands

  1. Canyon Changes and Mid Reworks Again

    - flushed the ramp on mid with the ground
    - added a place to stand on mid, to make the fights potentially more interesting
    - reworked the sewers route slightly (made it a little larger, and added a shutter door)
    - made canyon more of a play space, rather than a connector
    - added a crate on last to escape the underneath area


    1. cp_highstakes_a30004.jpg
    2. cp_highstakes_a30003.jpg
    3. cp_highstakes_a30002.jpg
    4. cp_highstakes_a30001.jpg
    5. cp_highstakes_a30005.jpg
  2. Layout and Theme Changes

    - reworked mid
    - added a sewers route from IT to mid
    - slightly redid the lobby to last
    - added a ramp on last
    - changed the theme from badlandsy to dark alpine


    1. cp_highstakes_a20000.jpg
    2. cp_highstakes_a20006.jpg
    3. cp_highstakes_a20007.jpg
    4. cp_highstakes_a20008.jpg
    5. cp_highstakes_a20009.jpg