Hearth rc5

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Changelog RC5:
-Reduced file size a lot
-Fixed reflections on some props
-Fixed lightmaps on props while material settings are below high
-Added phong to some pipe model
Changelog RC4:
-Clipping fixes
-Fixed a custom sound bug
-Fixed zfighting in a few places
-Added tf_logic_holiday
-Soundscape fixes
Changelog rc3:
-Upgraded particle effects
-Weather particle effects
-Lighting improvements
-Texture improvements
-Custom sound improvements
-Clipping fixes
-Bug fixes
-Opened up a roof area
Changelog rc2:
-New skybox texture
-New "coal core" and "boiler room" signs
-Darker environment lighting
-Added fog
-Soundscape adjustments
-Tweaked arrow signs
-Fixed hdr bloom on brass texture
-Fixed weirdly lit boiler window
-Fixed blue boiler pipe not boosting invisible spies