hardwake _a2

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So, here's my _a2 with some changes ! :

  • 1st point, Last :
-Totally rework the spawn, my first try to do something more or less textured as it shouldn't change on the time, I tried ! It's now smaller too and the spawn are place to make the medics able to heal on the 5 pre-round seconds.
-I rework the tunnel on the left of the point, making it smaller and with better heigh varition, blocking too the view from the point to made people able to hide in.
-I do a better job with the snipers sightlines, and even if it's still not perfect, it's way better.
-I added wall to the left door, making the medics able to hide and letting any classes a place to spam.
-Added a rock and blocked a window on the right door, making the path safer and adding to height variation here.

  • 2nd point, Garage
-Made the 2nd point'a area bigger (both height and larger). It now looks better as well.
-Added height variation everywhere when it was totally flat before.
-The path under the point change, the entrance being now on the left and it's now higher.
-Rework the flank, making it larger (But I still have to work on, It's flat for the moment and I need to find a way to do something with)

  • 3rd point, Bridge (Mid)
-The path on the right and the area has been totally reworked, with heigh variation, the roof has been removed, it's now better estitecally.
-The place connecting the flank of above and the been has totally changed, it's now a balcony and some stairs.
-Added fence on the bridge and moving the others to block snipers sighlines.
-Higher place under the bridge.

  • Overall
-Better lightning everywhere.
-The water and the windows are not anymore purple and black.
-Better optimization.
-I clip some brushes.


So, here I'm with my map. I've maybe decided to give it a competitive look. I still accept any critics, I'm not here for nothing o/
Thanks for reading ! <3


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