hardwake _a2

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hardwake _a2

Symmetrical 5cp w/ simple layout


So, here it is, my first map ever. Now it's updated to the _a2, maybe a long time after the _a1 creation but better late than never :v

So, it's a symmetrical 5cp using a simple layout and the classic rules. I tried to have a 'personnal' layout (I mean, I try to have the more unique point possible) and I now maybe think about put it in a good direction.
It will be in a chinese city, close to a port and just next to a mountain, a morning when both team will have drink too much (I forgot again to add the beers ;_; ).

I still accept any critics, after all, I'm here for that o/
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Symmetrical CP

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  1. Gameplay changes and optimization !

    So, here's my _a2 with some changes ! : 1st point, Last : -Totally rework the spawn, my first try to do something more or less textured as it shouldn't change on the time, I tried ! It's now smaller too and the spawn are place to make the...