Harbor 2017-06-25

The Spookiest and Least Well Made Map You'll Ever See!

  1. wonkasnout2
    The very first map I've ever made. It doesn't really have a game mode, or anything essential to a map, so don't expect too much. I made it just to play local multiplayer with my friends. We played a game almost like zombies: The red team (1 person in my case) goes pyro and hunts down the blu team using only mele. The blu team are engis, that build dispensers as barricades and teleporters to escape. I tried to make the map as SPOOKY as possible, with a nautical theme. You can do that, or whatever you want. like I said, its pretty CRAPPY , oh and also, the water is the most BEAUTIFUL and perfect thing you've ever seen, and if you disagree...

    note- I wasn't even gonna upload this in the first place, so... dont get your hopes up (Its my first map! it cant be that good!)

    As requested, here are some screen shots:

    20170626122252_1.jpg 20170626122329_1.jpg 20170626122345_1.jpg 20170626122357_1.jpg 20170626122600_1.jpg 20170626122638_1.jpg