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Grimmrock A1

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Grimmrock A1

An A/D map set at a creepy cove!

Finally, the worst mapper that knows what he is doing ever is back to make you cringe, and ask why Hammer was made somewhat easy to access!

So, basically, I decided to make yet another shitty map. Except on this new site, which I've had a hell a bit a trouble trying to navigate. Ehh, I don't blame anything for not wanting me to post my awful creations.

So, this map ain't quite finished yet. I bet you could've guessed. Well, if you're lucky, I'll give up on mapping before I push out an A1. And if I submit it to a gameday, you can always just disconnect from the server before the map starts.

Oh yeah, the map is Gravelpit Styled 3-point A/D, but worse!
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