Gravelpile A3 V2

My first proper map. RED and BLU fights over a pile of gravel.

  1. A3 V2

    There were some issues noted on the last impromptu test that I fixed in this version. However, it only had 3 players per team, so I could not have gather enough data to properly work on the map.

    - Learned what displacements are.
    - Added a rock cover to building-balcony exit.
    - Changed the small health pack on the sniping balcony to a medium one.
    - Added a small health pack inside the building.
    - Reverted back to dev textures.
    - Increased the capture area to cover the whole pile of gravel....
  2. A3

    Wow it has been a year since i have updated this. Better late than never, eh?

    - Updated textures to match the theme.
    - Fixed bugs.
    - Increased the size of the second courtyard and the area around the point.
    - Added a new, experimental route that goes through the middle building in the second courtyard.
    - Changed the sniping balcony's medium health- and ammo packs to small ones (due to the new route through the building).
    - Changed the layout of the hallway with trucks.
    - There may be more...
  3. A2 update

    - Reworked the entrance near the sniping balcony to reduce sightlines (see the screenshots)
    - Raised the point slightly
    - Changed the main entrance's medium ammo pack into a full one
    - General clipping
    - Fixed being able to shoot into other teams spawn from the second courtyard
    [​IMG] [​IMG]...
  4. compressed update

    this time i learned how to compress a map. The file should be a lot smaller, if i did everything correctly.
  5. info_observer_point update

    A tiny little update here. It adds an "info_observer_point" into the map (Thanks Tierra!). I do not want my map to crash when its playtested. That could leave a negative impression of it. As for the cosmetic changes, I will leave them for now.