Goldthorpe b5

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Goldthorpe b5

Made by Curtain_Pole

Map Details

This is a small single stage payload map with one checkpoint and one final cap which will trigger an amusing finale and team switch.

I designed the layout to be quite simple, as this is my first real effort at a TF2 map I wanted to start off simple (What I thought would be simple
) There is a building outside the Blu spawn that provides interesting defense stratagies for the RED team, moving forward to the first cap a high vantage point requires the BLU team to think on their feet.

I started work on this map in November 2013 and it has been a labour of love (even being forgotten about for a couple of months)

Latest Edit

the b5 edit mainly focuses on visual elements outside of spawn rooms, the horrible 3D skybox has been completely replaced with new brushwork and the horrible old building outside of Blue spawn has been overhauled.

This edit really focuses on exterior detailing, further updates will bring the Red spawn room visuals up to a much higer standard

Please leave as much feedback as possible to help me out. I want this map to be my best work

Personal Details

I have been working in Hammer for a number of years however this is probably this first time I've tried to really commit myself to following a single project from start to finish
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