Glacier RC6

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Glacier RC6


This is a triple point Attack/Defend map like cp_gravelpit.
What I aim to do in cp_glacier, is to balance cap A and B, making them both equally defendable, as opposed to cp_gravelpit, where it's better for red to defend B.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

Latest reviews

MAN IS THIS GOOD! I will credit you adn add this server!
Even though i wasn't able to play this map outside of med vs engi gamemode, visuals are amazing! Level of believability and realism is so high that i want to sit in one of the shacks, wrapped in a blanket , with a mug of cocoa
I absolutely love Glacier, a terrific map which I wish was played more often in the community, especially Europe, as I struggle to find somewhere to play it. Lovely theme, visuals, and play.
Awesome map overall. Great aesthetic and great map design.
Great! It's unique, looks pretty and is fairly balanced!
Visually and gameplay wise a nice map.
Im no expert so I cant tell how the map would flow or how it would play out, however based on looks, this is 5/5. Amazing detail, originality, structure, theme, ect.
well I have nothing to say but its a gud map.