Gauntlet b5

By Cylence

  1. Cylence

    The fifth beta is now up.

    Gauntlet is a linear 3-point A/D CP map set in an undisclosed alpine location on a cold, wet fall day.

    I sought to add a dynamic element to this map in the form of a train that regularly tears through a small mountain pass in the middle of the map. The train allows teams to quickly move reinforcements and less mobile classes to move in-between elevated positions. When blu captures point A the train no longer has flat beds to give red quick transit to A. Red is forced to climb the point C tower to jump on the boxcars if they wish to ride the train. When blu captures point B the train starts going the other way with a single boxcar making it difficult for red to use the pass anymore and forcing them to start defending it.

    I hope that this map will encourage a good mix of direct combat, flanking, and offensive engineering. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Alpine rocks created by VelvetFistIronGlove. Found here:


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