Gaben Fan Fiction For 72hr charity.

Gaben leaves valve for a year and leave his brother in charge However, his brother is greedy.

  1. DED
    Gaben announced in the start of the year that he would take a vacation and would leave his brother in-charge of steam. This is very controversial, some people hate this idea and think Gabe's brother will fuck everything up, some people love this idea because they think Gabe's brother would fix everything and not be a complete slob like Gabe. In January 6th Gabe takes the vacation and plans to live from country to country, like London, Uk, France, etc. When Gabe finally arrived to France he forgot his phone in home, he just bought 1 with his mad stacks of cash. Gabe also found some store, Spy cosplay cloth, he happily bought it and went cosplaying. Everyone screamed when they saw Gaben himself cosplay spy. Meanwhile with Gabe's brother, he doesn't know how to actually code and the Valve employees gives him a lesson about it everyday.

    In march 11 Gabe's brother now has an idea of what and how to code. He realizes April 1st is coming so his April fools plan was to make a half life 3 trailer, the internet EXPLODED. The Steam Store crashed by the amount of people looking to pre-order half life 3, this went on for weeks, in 24th of April Gabe's brother announced that it was just an April fools prank. Needless to say, everyone was pissed off and no one liked Gaben's brother anymore.

    The end of April comes and Gabe tells everyone to work on the steam summer sale trading cards and new stickers. Throughout this time 86% of valve is 100% focused on making quality stickers and cards, Gabe's brother however is very bored and find doing pen tricks more fun. June 22th comes and as-usual the hype train destroyed the steam store servers as usual. Gabe's brother however was to lazy to fix it and everyone had to wait half the steam summer sale for it to fix itself. Again, everyone was pissed off.

    Gabe's brother wants to make a new game, he sees its been half a year and no one likes him. He wants to make his brother proud and the Steam Community proud. He makes Portal 3 and it takes a couple of weeks to get all the developers, voice actors, etc. Eventually they get everyone and make the game. 28th of August, so far so good but then Gabe's brother realized he can't finish the game before the end of the year, he rushes it and finishes it in September 26th. The game's buggy and crashes way too often, Fans are also insanely mad that there IS a portal 3, the game ended in Portal 2 and in a good way but Valve just had to milk it. Regardless of all of this Portal 3 still is a success because of the hype of a new Valve game.

    The TF2 fans and CS:GO fans are STARVING for new content, Gabe's brother focuses on an update on TF2. He makes the pyro update. Surprisingly, its great and in working condition, however it did take the entirety of Valve to make the update.

    December 1 comes and Gabe's brother excitedly waits Gabe to come home, the steam community are so glad and relived for Gabe to come back and hopefully kick his Brother out. While waiting, in December 12th he rushes out a CS:GO Christmas update that broke matchmaking and leaves TF2 starving for content.

    In January 1st 7 AM, Gabe returns to Valve. He sees what his brother has done, drops his suitcase and gives him the biggest slap known to man, that slap broke the glass mugs from hundreds of houses miles away, the windows from houses kilometers away and even broke all the sound-proof glass in Valve. Gabe then got some cold water and instead of yelling at him, gave him a second chance to work with him, Gabe's brother thanked him and agreed. Gabe realized that he couldn't simply let this all go. He needed to do something big.

    He first started off by giving 2 major updates to TF2 and CS:GO. TF2's update was the heavy update and the CS:GO update was a massive pistol re-balance and of course fixing the broken match making. Everyone still hates Steam and Gabe has one last idea. Half Life 3. He gets the original half life team and his brother and works 5 years on it then it released it. Everyone thinks this is a joke and no one dares to try it. April 1st of next year comes and PewDiePie plays it for a joke, PewDiePie was the first person to witness half life 3 and tells everyone to play it. They play it and it's actually AMAZING. Valve's reputation has been restored and Gaben's brother apologizes, the steam community mostly accept the Apology. However Gaben himself will be the CEO of valve, when Gabe's brother leaves everyone in valve waves their hand and Gaben says "No hard feelings, bro, no hard feelings."