Frostfell a10

Made by Tom Hoen

  1. Tom Hoen


    Welcome to Frostfell!

    Does your drink have ice cubes? Do you know where they come from? No? Then here's the answer!

    Welcome to Frostfell!

    We deliver best ice cubes in the world and we're proud of it! Our ice cubes are mined from deep withing the frostfell and are delivered by mine tracks through hills and dynamic doors and more hills. Why? Because it's cold out there and our ice cubes have extra flavor*.

    *May contain blood, bones and traces of battle


    Map made by : Tommi 'Tom Hoen' Kasurinen

    My entry for the 7th Major Contest "Dynamic" Payload. My intends with this map is simply finish it and be proud of it.

    Thanks to:
    A Boojum Snark for Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack
    yyler for great lighting tutorial
    Fr0Z3n for explaining what was wrong with my ending
    TF2maps community for support
    My friends for support, cheer and bug hunt

    Huge thanks to my friend Tero Isoniemi for bug hunting and suggestions!!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Nero
    Version: a10
    Decent map with pleasing visuals and interesting mixes of interiors.
  2. Darth Ironclad
    Darth Ironclad
    Version: a10
    Nice and fun map to play!