Multi Stage Fractal A17

A two-stage coastal payload map

  1. Stuff got to be quick

    fuck I hope it's packed

    also probably no cubemaps
  2. Major detailing stuff

    This update brings:
    *A few layout changes
    *Lots of detailing changes
    *It's been so long I forgot wtf actually changed aside from the detailing
    *Screenshots will come when I can be bothered

    Thanks to Stiffy360 and AsG_Alligator for the detailing and advice
  3. Semi beta

    This update brings:
    S1 changes:
    *Started detailing, with help from @AsG_Alligator . Might also consider getting Stiffy360 on board later on, that'd be cool
    *Removed the one way door as a test, might be added back in if it makes the building to the right of the ramp too hard
    *Made the wall leading out of last's basement opaque
    *Fixed brushwork on last so it's on a nicer grid
    *Lots more stuff I've completely forgotten
    S2 changes:
    *Fixed some clipping
    *Made deathpit actually...
  4. Took a long time

    This update brings:
    S1 changes:
    *Added a truck and some boxes + a light where a sniper spot was
    *Added some ammo
    *Some basic textures
    *Cancelled B1
    S2 changes:
    *Clipped a railing properly
    *Fixed the blu spawn vis issue!
    *Changed a route to make it far smaller (thanks md). This helps kill a sniper spot
    *Made the warpgate 'deeper' so it counts for a checklist check

    *probably some other stuff I completely forgot

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated. A proto-foundry theme may...
  5. Stuff at last and the cave (s2)!

    This update brings:
    -S1 changes:
    *Fixed a visible bit of nodraw
    *Made some stuff nonsolid (thanks maid)
    *Raised some doorways
    *Added Geegor's windows (finally!)
    *Increased RED's respawn wave time by 1 second for last
    *Fixed some wierd stuff
    *Removed hazard tape in a non-rollback zone
    *Fixed some stuff
    *Probably more stuff I forgot

    -S2 changes:
    *Changed how all the height works out and how the cave interacts with last
    -*C now has a slope downwards after it and a shift to the right before...
  6. Spawn changes, areaportals and some other stuff:

    This update brings:
    -S1 changes:
    *Changed BLU's first spawn to kill sightlines right into the spawning area
    *Added a little health and ammo
    *Shrunk RED's spawn a bit
    *Removed a hallway
    *Moved a metal door back so it's flush with a wall
    *Added some tracks
    *Removed a dumb security fence
    *Added areaportals
    *Moved a 1 way door so it doesn't clip into a wall
    *Probably forgot some more stuff

    -S2 changes:
    *Added a 1 way door between A and B
    *Added some cover to kill a nasty sightline
    *Clipped an...
  7. Small update

    This small update brings:
    -S1 changes:
    *Added a hole in the wall of the jumppad structure to allow fast rotation between the areas for soldier and demoman
    *Added a window above the jumppad so you don't go in blind and the enemy can see players coming up (to a degree)
    *Swapped the wall on which RED's spawn exit is on, to kill an awful sightline
    *Removed the hole in the wall next to B so RED can't spam on the point from spawn
    *Probably some other stuff that I've inevitably forgotten
  8. New Old S1 last + some other stuff

    This update brings:
    --S1 changes
    *Replaced last with the original last
    *Changed around some flanks and how the basement route works for last for smoother flow and far less complication
    *Small additional changes with it
    *Added areaportals for parts of the stage
    *Slight overhaul of the lobby area at the top of the ramp, namely near the dropdown exit balcony
    *Added planks between balcony and 1 way door passage entrance roof to help show it's there
    *Tweaked shadows and such a little
    *Fixed some...
  9. Ramp stuff

    This update brings:
    *Widened the ramp by a bit
    *Centered cart path on the ramp
    *Removed the upper section of rollback
    *Jumppad now leads onto a higher platform
    *Ramp 1 way door now leads further away from the point so you aren't spammed to hell by sentries
    *Nobuilt some stuff
    *Lost all hope for S1 last again
    *Made deathpit platform at S2 physically possible
    *Moved stairs up to S2 last near the entrance so it'll be used far far more
    *Fixed some railing collisions
    *Fixed a ramp's trim
  10. Small update

    This small update brings:
    *Fixed a lot of small perches (thanks pumpko)
    *Added more health around S1
    *Added a little more ammo in S1
    *Added some lights in S1
    *Fixed some visible nodraw
    *Added some lights in S2
    *Remade cap A's area in S2
    *Added a new resupply locker in S1 last
    *Changed the size of the 1 way door's trigger at S1 cap A
    *Added some frames on windows
    *Made shadows a little lighter
    *Probably some other small things that I forgot again

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly...