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Forest Compound A2

My First Map, a simple koth

  1. Darken Sensei [TeamPyro]
    Alpha 2 has been released, yay!

    I've been working my back side off to make this map more like the viaduct formula, but removing some small things, i still need to work on some areas and cover, the WiP areas have been blocked with props and each one has a sing that says "Under Construction". This map still needs some improvement (obliviously, it's on Alpha, duh) but i think it is better than before.

    -Major Overhaul of the spawns
    -Improved Lighting
    -Attempting to make a 3D Sky-box and failed miserably (someone please help me)
    -Optimized a little bit more
    -Changed the iteration from Beta to Alpha
    -Made the map symmetrical
    -Replaced the orange Dev slopes with stairs


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